Why Two Heads are Better Than One

Written by Stacie Fuentes

January 8, 2024

I’m reading Mind Your Mindset by Michael Hyatt and Megan Hyatt Miller. The chapter I just finished is titled, “More Brains are Better than One.” In it, the authors are making the case that the process of improving your thoughts, and eventually your outcomes, involves others.

You don’t have to change your story to theirs or theirs to yours for you to each gain from having conversations with each other. 

We benefit from others’ thoughts and perspectives. It’s important to interact with and even get feedback from people with different backgrounds and ideas. You don’t have to change your story to theirs or theirs to yours for you to each gain from having conversations with each other.

The authors share a story of a very successful engineering company that produced amazing technology. Part of their success came from their leverage of lateral thinking. They instructed their engineers to keep an open door policy in order to allow for the free flow of ideas. Their lab spaces each funneled into a long corridor and engineers from every department would bump into each other there. Spontaneous conversations among different departments often led to creative breakthroughs..

The power of human interaction is so amazing! I want to leverage that in our space for you. If you’re feeling stuck, I hope Family Work Space will be a place where you can strike up a conversation with another mom and find a new solution that makes life and school better for your family.

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