Frequently Asked Questions

What is Family Work Space?

Family Work Space is a nonprofit organization currently offering services for children in foster care, international families, and homeschool families.

Family Work Space also has a broader vision to expand into a multipurpose facility that provides space, connection, and opportunity to families in our community. Our facilities will be designed to offer a unique combination of work space for parents, social space, and safe space for children to play and socialize. 

Who does Family Work Space serve?

Family Work Space is designed to benefit a wide range of families. It is particularly beneficial for remote working parents, homeschool or virtual school families, working or single parents in need of flexible childcare options, and any family seeking an indoor space to meetup with others. We are creating a space that everyone, from babies to teenagers and their caregivers, wants to hang out in. Family Work Space will also serve international families with a language exchange program and children in foster care with educational support.

How can Family Work Space support remote workers with children?

Remote working parents may find Recess Club to be a helpful option for getting work done with little ones around. As we expand, Family Work Space will offer a safe and nurturing environment where remote workers can bring their children while they work. We will provide workspaces where parents can be productive while their children have opportunities to engage in enriching activities and socialize with other children. This option helps parents still be with their children and gain the help of extra supervision, support, and activities for their kids.

How does Family Work Space promote connection and community?

Our facilities and programs will be designed to encourage bonding, collaboration, and a sense of belonging among our members. Parenting can be isolating but we are providing space and programs that let you build community around you with your family along.

Are you open and operating programs yet?

We are! We are renting space from a generous church at 71st and Elm in Broken Arrow. Recess Club and Tutoring for Foster Children take place on Mondays and our Language Exchange program meets on Saturdays. Want to stay up to date on our programs? Follow us on Facebook  or Instagram, or email to sign up for our newsletter.

What ages do you serve?

All ages!

Recess Club is for parents of all ages and kids of all ages: from toddlers to teens! We know teenagers are often left out of family style social get-togethers, but not here! We want teens to feel welcome and have fun in our space.

Our academic tutoring for children in foster care serves students in grades K-5. The families of the tutored student can stay in the center as long it doesn’t interfere with their learning.

Our Language Exchange program is open to the whole family. Children will stay with their parents for the class to learn together. Use your discretion on if your kids can politely participate in group learning.

Where are you located?

We’re in Broken Arrow, on Elm just south of Highway 51. This is our pilot location. We hope to expand into our own space, and for our expansion we’re exploring all of the opportunities in and around the Tulsa, OK metro area. Possibilities include Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks, Coweta, and Tulsa. We’re listening to the families who hope to have a membership at Family Work Space and our goal is to open where you most need us. If you hope we’ll locate near you, give us a social media shout out or message us.

How much will membership cost?

Our goal is to make the fees comparable to local coworking spaces while also considering our additional childcare benefits. We see the strain that traditional childcare has had on families and the economy, and we plan to be a solution that serves working families by reducing the burden of expensive childcare.

We have budget projections that are informed by market research to help us reach an ideal price that serves the most families possible. Our membership price will be set based on multiple factors, including the building we secure and the amount of families interested in membership.

What services does Family Work Space provide?

We are offering three services:

Family Work Space’s facilities are accessible to registrants of our programs. As we grow, we will provide a combination of workspaces and safe areas for children to play and socialize. We will also offer:

  • Activities and supervision for children whose parents are on-site 
  • Out of school and afterschool programs
  • Classes and resources to supplement home education and virtual schooled children
  • Classes for families to take together
  • Space and programming to foster community
  • Vendor space for local crafters and entrepreneurs to sell their goods to fellow families 
  • Safe volunteer and community service opportunities for minors

We homeschool. Is Family Work Space for us?

Family Work Space is founded by a homeschool mom. Our heart is to support homeschool families by providing a welcoming environment where you can connect with other families, share resources, and support each other’s educational journeys. Recess Club is our pilot program for homeschool families. With your support for this once-a-week program, we can expand to offering daily availability. We aim to be the most comfortable place besides your own home for you to bring your own schoolwork, meet up with friends and even take supplemental classes! No matter your homeschool (or virtual school) style, you need a community, and you will be able to bring or find your people here!

How can Family Work Space benefit working parents?

When we expand into our full programming, Family Work Space will offer safe and accommodating childcare options that maximize parent-child bonding and productivity. We will provide a workspace where working parents can work remotely, find support, and connect with other parents all with their children onsite.

How can I get involved with Family Work Space?

We are in the startup phase and we gladly welcome your involvement! There are three main ways to get involved right now:

Volunteer. Lend your skills in administration or business for the behind-the-scenes work that is taking place now so that our amazing programs can happen in the near future. Email our board president at to further discuss these opportunities.

Donate. Your donation of any size, one time or recurring supports families and our educational programs. , moves us toward the goal of opening an amazing center in the Tulsa area.

Spread the word. Tell your Tulsa area friends and family about our exciting concept. Like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In. Like and share our posts to help others see what awesome things are coming to Tulsa.

Get in touch. Do you know an idea, a person, business, or space that you think we should know about? Contact us at

Can I donate?

Yes, we welcome donations from individuals and organizations who are interested in supporting our mission and vision. Your contributions help us further our work in creating a positive impact on families in our community.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes! Family Work Space is a 501(c)(3) organization, making your donation to us tax-deductible. We advise consulting with a tax professional to understand the potential tax implications of your donation.

What does my donation support?

Your donation directly supports the development and implementation of Family Work Space’s programs, services, and resources. It enables us to create a safe and inclusive space for families to work, learn, play, and connect. Your generosity plays a vital role in helping us fulfill our mission to support families and build stronger communities. Donate today!

We hope these answers provide clarity and address some of the common questions about Family Work Space. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us at