We’ve intentionally designed a space and culture geared for homeschool families to make friends. We’re not a co-op offering classes; we’re doing something different. We’re creating time and space to be together, among other homeschoolers. Bring your own homeschool; we’ll make it easy for you to get school work done AND to “socialize.”

Mondays January 15 to April 29, 2024 available from 9:30am-1:30pm except March 18th (Spring Break). May 6th and 13th will be makeup days in the case that Homeschool Co-working Club needs to cancel any Mondays in the regular schedule.

What is Homeschool Co-working Club?

It’s an invitation to bring your homeschooling family to come do your school work (and remote work, perhaps?) in an environment that gets families and gets homeschoolers. We’re homeschoolers ourselves, and we’re providing everything to make your school-day-out easy:

Basic school supplies to borrow (pencils, markers, rulers, scissors, etc.)

Toys, games, and activities to entertain everyone from the troublesome toddler to the teen that needs a break between algebra and grammar

Other homeschoolers; whether you make friends or brings friends, it’s the ideal space for all your multi-age meetups

We’re creating a community and a culture that you can’t get at the library or coffee shop. You know that awesome feeling when you meet another homeschool family “in the wild?” Family Work Space is your space where you know you’ll be among like-minded families at every visit.

Fight Loneliness and Join

Here are the Details:



The Activity Center at the back of Northside Christian Church 1221 N Elm Pl Broken Arrow, OK 74012



Available Mondays, September 18-November 20 from 9:30am-1:30pm; attending for the whole time is not required



A space to meetup with other homeschool families; bring your school work and plan to have social breaks to catch up with friends or meet new ones



$300 per family for the semester

Monthly payment options are available


Additional information:

Snacks and coffee available for purchase; outside food is allowed

Currently we’re only open on Mondays, but we have plans to grow into our own space that’s available for 6 or more days a week. Having your support in this startup phase will give us the chance to grow



Program Purpose

Create a warm and welcoming culture while providing space for all ages to work, play, learn, and connect.
The fees for this program also support our two other initiatives: Tutoring for Foster Children and our Family Language Exchange

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