Friends are Light

Written by Stacie Fuentes

November 30, 2023

Do you ever get stuck in a negative thought pattern that makes you feel alone, unsupported, and like no one can relate to where you’re at?

Then you jump on social media, craving connection with others. You want to find support and others who can relate.

Instead, you doom scroll. The feelings of loneliness and isolation only get worse. “Everyone else has it figured out,” social media tells you. The numbers of likes on your personal or business posts tell you that you’re less loved than so-and-so.

These are obvious lies but it is so easy to believe them when you’ve been parenting, homeschooling, or doing housework by yourself for hours or days. Social media only provides an illusion of connection but only makes you feel more alone.


Talking or being with a friend can shed light on your thought distortions. For me, it can be like waking up to the reality that I am loved and supported. The loneliness and despair disappear like shadows under a spotlight.

I hope you have friends you can text or meet that act as this sort of “light” for you! I’m thankful for the friends in my life that do that for me, and I hope I provide the same for them.

We hope that Family Work Space becomes a place where friendships bring life and joy to parents and kids alike.

If you’re feeling despair that doesn’t make sense and won’t go away, and maybe feels like you can’t share it with a friend, you can call or text 988 or visit the Crisis Lifeline Website to find help.


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