Pay Per Month

Invest in friendships at an affordable cost

Homeschool Co-working Club

Pay-Per-Month Homeschool Group that aims at eliminating homeschool loneliness and isolation.

Language Exchange

International Student


Pay-Per-Week Language classes geared at helping language learners with their English while sharing their language and culture

Language Exchange

English Speaking Student


Pay-Per-Week Language classes geared at helping English speakers connect with internationals while sharing their language and culture

Family Meet-up Space for all ages

Our program is deeply committed to addressing the unique challenges of loneliness faced by both children and parents in the homeschooling community, immigrant families learning language, and the foster kids in their educational journey. Recognizing this need, we’ve established a co-working hub specially designed for families, offering a multifaceted space that caters to study, work, play, and forging meaningful connections. Moreover, our venue provides a platform for vendors and an opportunity for members to share skills and knowledge. This environment is not just ideal for homeschooling activities and meetups, but also serves as a haven for remote working parents, ensuring a safe and nurturing space for their children. Through this initiative, we aim to foster community, collaboration, and a sense of belonging among homeschooling families.

Language and Culture exchange

Total money for the year we need to run the program to its most efficient  Р$57,500

The primary objective of our program is to eradicate the profound sense of loneliness that can often permeate our global society. By fostering beneficial partnerships between American and international families, we aim to establish a mutual learning experience wherein families not only teach their native language but also immerse themselves in learning a new one. Through this exchange, we aspire to create lasting friendships that bridge the cultural divide. In doing so, we anticipate an elevated level of cross-cultural understanding, which is vital in today’s interconnected world. This creates dignity in the way English-language learners learn a new language.