Family Moments Photo Contest

by Family Work Space

What are we looking for in each photo:

Capture and share an artistic moment that illustrates what it means to be a family that works, learns, plays, and connects with others. This could be an image of family members working together on a project, learning together, enjoying playtime, or connecting with their community in some way.

We encourage creative interpretations of this theme that highlight the importance of family in all aspects of life. Be bold, be innovative, and show us what “family” means to you. We look forward to seeing your artistic expressions of what it means to be a family that works, learns, plays, and connects. Good luck!

    Photo Contest Rules




    One winner from each age group will be chosen by most likes on social media:

    • Elementary (ages 6-10): $50 Hobby Lobby gift card
    • Middle Grades (ages 11-14): $50 Hobby Lobby gift card
    • High School (ages 15-18): $50 Hobby Lobby gift card
    • Adults (over 18): $50 Hobby Lobby gift card

    Winners of each age group will have their winning photo featured on our website.

    Guidelines for Counting Likes in Photography Competition:


    • Photo submissions will be posted on Family Work Space’s social media accounts by Family Work Space
    • Participants may share the post on their personal social media accounts to encourage friends and family to like their submission
    • Likes will be counted across Facebook and Instagram
    • The same person can like a submission across both platforms and it will be counted every time
    •  One like per person per social media platform
    • Only likes on Family Work Space’s original post of each submission will count towards the vote
    • Likes will be counted until the end of the competition timeline specified in the rules
    • Submission with the highest total likes across all social media platforms will win one People’s Choice award per age group for a total of four winners
    • The Board of Family Work Space reserves the right to screen photo submissions for entry into the competition and may decline the entry of photos into our public competition based solely on our professional discretion and without explanation

    Guidelines for Volunteers: 


    • Volunteers will manage the competition on our social media platforms
    • Volunteers will monitor submissions for compliance with guidelines
    • Volunteers will facilitate voting by promoting the competition and tallying votes



    • Competition launch date: April 24th
    • Submission deadline: May 24th at Noon
    • Voting period: May 25th – June 1st at Noon
    • Winners announced: June 3rd


    Guidelines for Participants:


    • Open to ages 6 years old and older
    • Only one submission per person
    • Photos must be original and taken by the participant
    • Photos must be submitted in JPEG or PNG format, maximum 25mb
    • High resolution recommended with a minimum size of 1200 pixels on the longest side
    • Photos must not have any watermarks
    • Photos must be submitted by the deadline, May 24th at noon
    • All entries must be submitted with our online form
    • Submissions will be published on Family Work Space’s social media on May 25th at which point voting will begin
    • One reaction (a “like” or “heart” etc.) on Family Work Space’s post of the photo equals one vote
    • Votes may be made on both Facebook and Instagram for a total of two allowed votes per voter
    • Only likes on the original post made by Family Work Space count as votes 
    • Voting period on social media will end at 12:00pm (noon) CST June 1st
    • No inappropriate photo submissions – all photos must be widely accepted as appropriate for General audiences

    Rules for Running the Competition:


    • All submitted photos will be reviewed by our team to ensure they meet the guidelines
    • Once approved, the photos will be posted on our social media platforms at the beginning of the voting period
    • Voting will be conducted on Facebook and Instagram, where participants can share and encourage others to vote for their submissions
    • Winners will be selected based on the number of likes on their photos
    • Immediate family of Family Work Space board members will not participate in the competition

    Enter a Photo Today

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